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comes down to the forty-sixth
I've got oaken leaves on the ashen strips
and they can't tell by looking in my eyes

there's nothing wrong with a simple life
based on anything else in the first forty five
but that's not what they want to hear me say

we could chat here for hours
about Halo or flowers
and there's no shame in liking them both

but at some point you'd ask me
to answer the question
so you could tell me which was wrong

I retreat to a world
made of crystal and pearl
with the beautiful boys
and the beautiful girls
so that I can be friends
with whoever I want
make a life for myself
based on what's in my thoughts
and can cry

at the near-perfect world
where the people are nice
and the morals are closer
to black and to white
it's a mess– pretty, though
and nature and harmony are king

but on earth I'm content
to hold ashes of oak
and of juniper
and hope that no one will ask

and hope that in October
the sixth, the forty-sixth
won't become a crude joke
about X's and Y's
Personal concerns. I know it'll happen (probably already has), but I can still wish it won't.

I have about ten thematic allusions in here. See if you can find them.

Help improve it if you can spare the time- as long as you can explain your reasoning and put up with me potentially playing devil's advocate. Please don't tell me to capitalize the first word of every line though. Many thanks in advance :)
Dragon-of-Twilight Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been wondering myself exactly what they'll be doing here...
I very much enjoyed this, Ni :meow:
but i'm not so good with critiques i'msorry ;n;
Niyla Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
I suppose I was more worried about fan jokes than official stuff. Although now that you mention it, there's that too... ^^; Anyway, thank you :D

and that's okey :hug:
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January 10, 2013
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